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Lana Mina Popovic

Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Lana moved to the US in 1999. She holds a BA degree in Interior Design and MA in Industrial Design.

Lana’s  study of Western Hermetic mysticism, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, Yoga tradition, as well as her decade-long practice of Kung Fu, inspired  her to change her career from design to life coaching. Lana studied NLP and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnotherapy  with Doug O’Brien and completed her Master NLP training with Richard Bandler and John LaValle.

Additionally, Lana completed a 2 year certification program from Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Psychotherapy where she studied under expert pioneers  such as Robert Thurman, Ph.D., Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D., and Mark Epstein, M.D. She is also currently studying Holistic Health Coaching.

Lana’s aspiration is to integrate wisdom of ancient Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with modern technologies such as NLP and Neo-Ericksonian hypnotherapy. In her work she offers an opportunity for a holistic body-mind/spiritual makeover.


John G. Johnson

John G. Johnson is a Licensed NLP Trainer with the Society of NLP, a Creativity Enhancement Trainer and a Personal Success Coach.

He’s conducted  workshops in the United States, Jamaica and Europe. There are numerous NLP and Success Coaches today. The difference between John and others is that he understands that experience is the best teacher. He makes sure his students not only have an intellectual understanding of the techniques, but an experiential one as well. This way his students will have a meticulous command of what they are learning. Making sure his students achieve success is what is of utmost importance to him.

John is only interested in “what works.” His teaching style is unique and innovative. He uses a multi-disciplinary approach as well as cutting-edge teaching strategies to firmly ground his students in the time-tested principles, techniques and strategies of NLP.

In addition, John is a screenwriting instructor and story-analyst as well as an accomplished martial-artist.


Ira Scott

Ira Scott spent almost two decades in the corporate world leading others to success via coaching and training.

He is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming®), a Certified Hypnotist Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis, Certified in Belief Craft ™ – Knowledge Engineering and Sleight of Mouth, and a student of Strategic Intervention.

He is honored to be both a Certified Practitioner and a Certified Trainer of The Havening Techniques® – Ira is truly a people’s person and believes we are all both students and teachers.

Ira has guided countless individuals, couples, and groups to recognize and understand their own personal power to enhance all the experiences of their lives by stretching beyond illusory limitations and limiting beliefs with unprecedented levels of well-being, peace of mind, clarity, focus, creativity, and purpose – leading to deeper connections with self and others. Ira empowers clients to take measurable action for positive, lasting, and empowering personal growth for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being…a truly wholistic approach.


Frank Clark

Frank Clark is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant.

He is a visionary leader and multiple entrepreneur with proven business and finance skills and demonstrated senior management expertise in a variety of companies and industries throughout his career. He has three decades of experience in raising capital, high stakes negotiations, project management, building teams, and business development.

Frank also worked as a financial advisor and wealth manager for seven years, and was previously a financial analyst. As an Executive Coach, Frank is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner in NLP. He has also extensively studied behavioral economics, behavioral finance, marketing psychology, and the psychology of influence and persuasion.

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