If Everything is “Awesome,” Then What?



If Everything is “Awesome,” Then What?

Using Language as if it means something. A moment of Awe… A few years ago I was visiting the red-rock buttes and deep canyons of Sedona, Arizona. It might sound silly to some of you but I was particularly drawn to exploring certain formations that were said to be “power vortexes.” These are kind of like acu-pressure points for the …


Rapport Magazine article on Doug O’Brien

RAPPORT magazine is published by ANLP International. It is part of membership benefits and also available by subscription. Individual issues can also be bought. www.anlp.org/Rapport. Written by  Andy Coote Doug O’Brien carries his experience with a light touch From Carnegie Hall and Studio54 to Sleight of Mouth, by way of Tony Robbins and Robert Dilts, our interviewee this issue carries …

Typewriter close up shot, concept of story, Once Upon a Time

The story of stories

Stories are everywhere. Dr. Milton Erickson’s enduring legacy is his unique approach to psychotherapy and hypnosis. Within the scope of that approach his use of anecdote and story telling is arguably the most famous element. Steven Spielberg is widely regarded as one of the premiere filmmakers of his generation. He has repeatedly said that telling the story is the most …


Havening in England

Traveling home from Bristol As I write this I am flying at 36,000 feet on a Virgin Atlantic 747 en route back to the US from Bristol, England. My friend and colleague Ira Scott is a few seats away catching a few winks. The two of us have just participated in a Havening Training Course and we’re a bit tired. …


MAKE YOUR BED – A simple step to finding flow

MAKE YOUR BED A simple step to finding flow In the past two weeks, two different Coaching clients of mine have sent me the same You Tube video to watch. It is a commencement address given by Admiral William McRaven at the University of Texas at Austin in May 2014. The reason they sent me this speech by Admiral McRaven …

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