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Success Coaching
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Success Coaching
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Discover Personal Success Coaching

Turn your resolutions into new behaviors. Discover how Coaching, with its individualized goal-setting and on-going support, can work for you.

Before working with Doug I had trouble even keeping my desk clean and bills paid on time. After working with Doug my business went from gross sales of $500,000 to be on track for 2.5 million in gross income this year! Coaching with Doug is one of the best business decisions I ever made.

Harlan Kilstein

Doug O’Brien brings to coaching an amazing variety of skills and experiences. Since I started working with Doug, I am richer, thinner, and training to run a marathon. How far you will go with Doug as your coach is only a question of your goals and commitment.

David Block

Coaching with Doug has helped me tremendously. I unequivocally endorse this service.

Debra Moshier

Personal Success Coaching works like this: You and I talk on the phone or via Skype and, together, will get clear on exactly what it is you want. Then we’ll discuss strategies and create an action plan to get you there. Through regular weekly phone calls we follow through on that plan, tweaking where needed, using NLP or other means to overcome obstacles as they appear, and get you where you deserve to be. And… if you decide to continue with coaching on a regular basis, you can also take advantage of our discounts for multiple months – up to Two Months FREE.

Standard coaching includes:

  • Weekly phone consultation. The consistency of regular coaching is the fuel that propels you to your goal.
  • Regular e-mailing. Makes certain on even a more consistent basis you going where you want to go.
  • Discounts to seminars and tele-classes. We provide you with the best NLP and Hypnosis training available today.
  • Consistent updating of goals and tolerances. As you make progress and obtain your goals we will reassess and reevaluate them to keep you on course with your major life mission. …and more.

Call our toll free number today to take advantage of this limited offer. Ask about discounts for multiple months. 1-877-DOBrien (362-7436)

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