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Tex’s Bus (a script for Weight Loss)

by Doug O’Brien

This is a short version of a therapeutic metaphor or story I have used (and may well use again next Tuesday) when doing the “Hypnosis for Weight Loss” seminars.

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History of Ericksonian Hypnosis

Published in “HEALTHMAP MAGAZINE” by Doug O’Brien

Milton Erickson is considered the father of modern hypnotherapy. The therapy he engendered, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, is one of the fastest growing and influential branches of hypnotherapy today…

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How to Remember Names

by Doug O’Brien

Ever meet somebody and five minutes later you can’t remember their name? Want to avoid that embarrassment? Here’s a solution.

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Succeed with E.A.S.E.

by Doug O’Brien

This method has been used to create winning athletes, get books written and published, lose weight and keep it off, even to get a musician all the way to Carnegie Hall.

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NLP links!

If you have not already done so, you must check out these sites:

Awesome resource site on Ericksonian Approaches to Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Doug O’Brien Hypnosis:

Robert Dilts: NLP University

John Lavalle: Society of NLP & NLP Seminars Group International

David Gordon and Graham Dawes: great work on Modeling

Anthony Robbins: Robbins Research International

Richard Bandler: The one and only

Charlie Badenhop: the originator of Seishindo, an Aikido instructor, NLP trainer, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

American Board of Hypnotherapy

Jonathan Altfeld: The Mastery InSight Institute of NLP

Nick Kemp: the creator of Provocative Change Works™

Barbara Stepp: Excellence Quest in Chicago

Andrew Austin: 23NLPeople

Jamie Smart: Salad Seminars Ltd

Charles Moore

Stever Robbins


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